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Your First Visit

New patients - University OrthodonticsHow You Doin?

First impressions can be scary (#OrthodontistDadJokeAlert), but our team is committed to making your first visit here as easy, comfortable, & fun as possible- basically the complete opposite of your last Tinder date.

What To Expect:

The Arrival

Any anxiety you might have will subside the minute you walk through our doors and are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. Fun bonus? You’ll definitely be invited to partake of some refreshments while we give you a tour of our office. SCHWING!

Fill Out a Few Forms

Forms are just a normal part of any medical or dental visit. You can save some time and get right down to business once you arrive by completing our patient forms at home and bringing them to your first visit.

Smile Assessment

A Smile Assessment is a great way to get the show on the road, so to speak. We take some sassy glamour shots of you, as well as x-rays. You’ll spend some time with our Treatment Coordinator in one of our private consultation rooms, where your images are in the spotlight on a big screen.

Meet the Doc

Dr. James will come in to meet you and talk about the ways to improve your smile. This is a chance for you to learn about what needs to be done from an oral health standpoint, as well as share your wish list of what you want to change about your smile. If you have questions, ask away! The only stupid question is the one that never gets asked. We enjoy spending time with our patients, and your questions keep the conversation interesting and engaging for both of us!

The Financial Chat

The cost of your orthodontic care is another reason why you may feel a bit nervous during your first visit. No worries. We explain all of these details, as well as how we work with your insurance. University Orthodontics also has in-house financing available to help with your out-of-pocket costs.

Your first visit to our office is the beginning of the rest of your life with a rockin’ smile! Holler at us today to schedule your appointment.

Financial Info

Woman dancing listening to iphoneMo Money, Mo Problems? Not Up In Here.

Listen guys, we get it: life is expensive, & the thought of taking on another monthly expense can be overwhelming, even for something as life-changing as the smile of your dreams. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you ball on a budget! Here at University Orthodontics, we believe that EVERYONE is entitled to a smile that enhances their confidence & self-esteem, and we will help you to work out a monthly payment plan that works for YOU.

Pricing Built For & Around Y-O-U.

At University Ortho, we offer treatment options that are very competitively priced for our area. One of the price points we’re most proud of is that our cost of braces is comparable to our cost of Invisalign. This means that you can choose the best option for you, rather than making a decision based solely on price point. At many other practices, Invisalign is a substantially more expensive treatment option.

Our goal is to provide every patient with exceptional and affordable orthodontic treatments. We consider your specific lifestyle and budget when recommending specific appliances and procedures. We tailor the plan to what YOU can afford each month. This distinction keeps you engaged and excited throughout your treatment process, which will help us reach the smile of your dreams more quickly and easily than you can even imagine! We are here to ensure that you never feel overburdened due to cost.

Finance Like A BOSS

University Ortho offers interest-free financial payment plans that require a low down payment. We also work with other types of financing options, such as flexible spending accounts, bank drafts, and credit cards. After your Smile Assessment and a chat with the amazing Dr. James, you will then meet with our Treatment Coordinator to discuss the fees and various payment options.

Your smile is priceless to us, & we never want a limited budget to get in the way of the smile that you deserve! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Patient Forms

To save time during your initial visit to University Orthodontics, please take a moment to fill out the new patient forms located in your portal. You should have received an email with your login information. If you did not receive this email, or have questions and need assistance, please call 704-549-1926.

Portal Login: Click Here

Braces Care

bracesStay Aces With Your Braces.

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, y’all – braces are a big adjustment! However, they most definitely don’t have to salt your game – here are the highlights on how to #braceface like a pro:

1. Don’t break the merchandise.

The biggest key to #winning with your braces is to take good care of them, as breakage can result in costly fixes that can add on to your treatment time. A big part of caring for your braces is avoiding foods than can harm them, which is basically anything overly sticky, hard, or chewy. Examples of these “no no” foods unfortunately include fan favorites like gum, hard/sticky candy, corn chips/taco shells, popcorn, & soft drinks. However, there IS an upside: avoiding some of these sticky, sugary treats will most def help you fit into that smaller size jeans you’ve been eyeing! When you’re passing up that piece of gum, just remember- nothing tastes as good as your perfect smile feels!

2. Practice great hygiene.

Oral hygiene is important not only for your orthodontic treatment, but also just for life in general- no one wants to be THAT person who people steer clear of due to their gnarly breath, ya dig? Ensure optimal oral health during treatment and beyond by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth regularly between meals.

3. It’s all about self-care, brothers and sisters.

Braces work by placing tightening measures around your teeth, which means that they can make your mouth feel-you guessed it- TIGHT and uncomfortable for a short time after the initial and follow-up appointments. To avoid any discomfort, make sure you’re stocked up on over-the-counter pain relievers to help with achiness and swelling. PRO TIP: Pop a few Tylenol before you head in for your appointment, and you might just avoid any discomfort altogether!

Find your perfect smile here.

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